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A Message From Our Owner

Urban Grind was created with the the true coffeehouse culture in mind.

While living in NYC, I use to hang out at great little independent coffeehouses. These shops were more than just coffee shops. True they served coffee, tea and all the usual, but they were great gathering places, a place to camp out on a Sunday morn and read The Times, hear original music by locals who toted their guitars wherever they went, or just cozy up on the patio and watch as the world went by. These shops often became my refuge in the city, my alternative to going out and my place away from home, (or I should say my Junior 1 bedroom apartment, and I emphasize Junior).

I miss those places as well as the culture, so I’ll admit, I’ve selfishly created a place that I enjoy hanging out in. However, I have to believe that there are others out there who recall similar places they use to hang out in when they were in NY, Chicago, San Fran, etc. Or perhaps, there are those that just love the neighborhood shop. It is my intention to serve you great coffee & tea, wonderful pastries, FREE WI-FI and Atlanta’s Premier Ice Cream of course. But also to bring kindred spirits together and promote art & culture.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at Urban Grind.

PS- Please let me know what you think of the place, I’d love to get your feedback.


Urban Grind Coffeehouse

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