Book Signging: The Recipe for Ecstasy


Book Signing for The Recipe for Ecstasy, July 7, 1-4pm.

There are no two
things more essential to the survival of man than food and sexuality.  The
Recipe for Ecstasy – What Women Want: Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction

explores these intertwined topics, yielding a cookbook for life and love. 

Dr. Myrtle C. Means has created a
mouthwatering literary masterpiece. This non-fiction book integrates seminal
developmental theories with savory recipes for ecstasy – down home recipes
crafted by average women. What do women recollect about their most sexually
satisfying experience?  It’s quite scrumptious to read.  What do
women’s recollections tell us about the nature of love, sexuality, and
relationships?  The elements of ecstasy can be defined, improved upon, and
sought after.  The personal narratives throughout the book were collected
from research conducted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for her
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Grounded in research and theory, this book is
anything but bland. 

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