October Artist of the Month: Velma Ludaway.

Come see the work of this month’s Artist of the month: Velma Ludaway.

Velma Ludaway’s work has explored life’s essence through abstraction of the human form with use of bold colors and geometric shapes. She continue to enhanced her work by using the African Adinkra symbols to tell another story in her “Line , Praise Houses And Out Of The Wilderness Experience” series . Her concentration on abstracted bodies and bold colors derives from her large family background, falling in the middle of fifteen brothers and sister hailing from Columbus, Ohio.

She experienced a shift in her artistic perspective when she was impacted by the downsizing of her former employer, MARTA, in 1988. While traveling to a typing class in downtown Atlanta, she noticed homeless people below a viaduct, moving in and out of small shacks. She contrasted these lines of the Atlanta homeless with experiencing the impact of unemployment on her life thus initiated her highly profitable “Lines Series” an exploration of hopefulness through steadfast standing and waiting. These and other works were exhibited in numerous National Black Arts Festival, other arts collections and exhibits throughout the city of Atlanta and the United States.

Come see the work of the this months Artist; Velma Ludaway.

Stay tuned for an Artist Reception with Ms. Ludaway.

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