Brenda Nicole Moorer Oct 17th

I must say, I was slightly surprised to hear the voice that came through my speakers this morning when I went to Brenda’s website. I must have let the two songs play twenty times before I had to move on to the next thing on my to do list. check out the link below and share your thoughts in the comments below.
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This young woman is a true artist, sticking truly to what she believes is good music. Formerly signed to a distribution deal with Universal Australia, she released a single in 2001 with her former London based label MAPP records. The single hit #2 at the young age of 15. In 2003, she ditched the poppy dance tunes to sing what she felt in her heart and soul, the real stories of her life, the best songs unwritten. Brenda Nicole Moorer says “music has to be done with purpose to matter at all.” She works to create music that listeners can identify with, and not only to make them dance, but to move their hearts and change their minds.

She is a self-taught guitar and piano player, and an extraordinary writer. More than a vocalist, Brenda deems herself a songwriter first. She got her writing chops first by co-writing her music with Keisha Miles, hit songwriter for Ciara. Brenda attended Dekalb School of the Arts, a performing arts high school where she explored art in a way that began to have real meaning. She focused on writing and composing and her first song ever written, Ordinary Guy, was a huge success among the locals of Atlanta, GA in places like Apache Café and café 290. She went on to release Songbird the EP in 2006; which has now evolved to the full album, Songbird being released in October of 2011. The EP sold hundreds of copies and created quite a buzz for the budding indie star. Brenda says, “I really don’t like having to fit into a genre, so I write from whatever it is I’m feeling or thinking at the moment; whether it comes out sounding soul or pop is inconsequential.” She attempts to write from truth, telling stories and it brings a real folk element to her writing.
Hope to see you all at this event!

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