Open Mic Poetry, Thurs. 7-10pm

A weekly line up you don’t want to miss!!!
Every Thursday, 7-10pm.

The cover: A 1 Drink Min. So go directly to the bar, do not pass go.
Urban Grind has quickly become one of the BEST spots in Atlanta to hear poetry, meet good people, drink great coffee or whatever your liquid pleasure, eat good cake and have a good time.

Come see what all the fuss is about.
Join your host each week:

1st Thursday’s: HBO Def Poet Jon Goode,the “Goode Stuff”

2th Thursday’s: Blaq Kharma, POWER like you haven’t hear!!!!

3rd Thursday’s: Nukola. Not something old, but bringing the Nu!

4th Thursday’s: ANNOUNCING Poetry Slams!!!! Stay tuned for the exciting details. Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it! And lots of it!!!! Don’t miss this slammin event.

5th Thursday’s: A Special Guest Appearance by HBO Def Poet, Spinxx.

Get there early if you want to get on the list because as you know, once it’s over, it’s over!

Urban Grind is located at 962 Marietta St., in the bottom of the MStreet Apt., 1.5 blocks north of Northside Drive & 2 blocks west of GA Tech, 404-724-0605.

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