Foreign & Forgotten Films, 1st Friday’s 7pm

Every 1st Friday: “Foreign & Forgotten Films”
Truly great independent and foreign films that you may have seen and those overlooked by Holleywood. Come and see filmmaking at it’s best.

Donation $5.

Friday, April 4 Showing: “I am Cuba” — 1964. Director: Mikhail Kalatozov.

The poetry is in the narration and cinematography. “I am Cuba” is the epic film by director Mikhail Kalatozov that contrasts the socio-economic chasm between the decadent opulence of Havana under the Batista regime and the hopelessness and oppression of many of Cuba’s poor and working class citizens. Four vignettes give distinct and poignant perspectives as revolutionary sentiment foments among students in Havana and climaxes with the violent transitions from the U. S. supported Batista government to the pro-revolutionary forces led by Fidel Castro.

Come and see and discuss this amazing film and network with other film junkies.

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