Urban Grind on MTV’s “Made”, Sat., Feb. 16, 10am

Check out Urban Grind on MTV’s Made, Sat. Feb. 16, 10am!

You might even see some of Atlanta’s Up and Coming Artist that you know.

What a fun night!!!!!

You never know what will be going on at Urban Grind. What a treat for those that were in the house.

After you check it out, us know what you thought of the show. We’d love to hear from you. Any favorite moments???

Hope to see you soon.

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Urban Grind

One thought on “Urban Grind on MTV’s “Made”, Sat., Feb. 16, 10am”

  1. As many of you know MTV “Made” filmed at Urban Grind for the episode with Hallie, who wanted to be made into a dancer. Unfortunately the footage shot at Urban Grind was edited out of the show. That’s the business. Nonetheless, we had a good time and appreciate being apart of the experience.

    Way to go Hallie for stepping outside your comfort zone and being made! Hope you had a good time while at Urban Grind.

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